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I feel like I was mislead, and outright lied too, when purchasing my Advantaclean franchise. Plus, the lack of support, the arrogance of the leadership team and the deception is overwhelming. We are treated more as employees than business owners.

Advice to new owners:

These businesses just do not sell, most would be lucky to get their initial investment back. If you plan to buy one of these franchises, call 15 owners and do not let the franchise pick which ones you talk to. The call center directs the calls on the FDD, so say that you are a customer looking to talk to the owner. Many owners are afraid to say how they really feel, in fear of reprisal, so ask direct questions that can't be circumvented. Me personally, I rarely talk to potential owners. I prefer not to irritate the franchise, but I am not going to be dishonest to a potential buyer. Open discussion is not tolerated by the Advantaclean leadership team. They have a saying here, "If you step outside the fence you get shot."

Do not fall for the ROBS, 401K funding route, as there are some serious issues, and this is something Advantaclean really promotes. There is significant turnover rate with these franchises, but that will be significantly underplayed, and several owners have been threatened with lawsuits after walking away from their failing businesses. The potential earnings however, will be significantly overplayed, like on most websites that I have seen.

Also don't buy into the executive model the CEO will certainly try to sell you on. Maybe 6 out of 120 owners can run this business from their office, the rest are out in the field. You will be in a crawlspace for your first several years, that is a guarantee!

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